Hard Cider 5k

I run with a group of friends who LOOOOOOVE trail running.

Like love it.

Who needs asphalt? Not them.

Wellllll it has taken me a good long while to warm up to the idea that maybe I don’t hate running trails.

In fact, maybe it’s kind of a new challenge?

Bearing that in mind that’s not why I signed up for this race. This year I signed up for two reasons:

1) (and most importantly) to spend a morning with my family

2) Redemption.

Last year when I did this race I had just come off of a bike injury. I had barely ran in a month let alone ran any trails.

The race itself is held at Uncle John’s Cider Mill in Saint John’s Michigan, very near to where myself and my cousins (who also ran this) grew up.

The course runs around the property of the Apple orchard and Cider mill- so you get a mix of grass, hard packed dirt, and sand/loose dirt. The course itself is also quite beautiful, and considering it’s in late May, the mornings are usually on the cooler side.

One really nice aspect of the event is that it places an emphasis on just being active. The race is chip timed, however they do not award places for age group, and they run it in waves. Meaning there’s a wave of people at 9, 9:30, and so on. Ultimately those who want to run are encouraged to a) go in and he earlier waves, and b) start at the front the wave. Overall the event encourages people to come out and participate whether they run, or walk- which I think is nice, everyone needs to start somewhere.

This year they added a 15k option as well for people who REALLY love trails.

Your race entry gets you a Tshirt (of the super soft cotton variety- the shirts were really cute this year), a medal, a commemorative glass and a pour of cider or hard cider upon finish.

Ultimately I did run really well, and took a few minutes off of my time from last year, and overall had a really fun morning.

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