Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k – Recap

This entire Spring has been a completely different feel for me in terms of racing and training. Last year I was supposed to do the Nashville Full, and I didn’t due to heat, then spent May doing what I now call: Rage Racing-until I got burnt out and frustrated.

This year I’m doing a later marathon (June) and all of the races I’ve done I’ve treated as training runs, and Holy Cow, the ease, and peaceful mindset that comes with knowing I won’t be disappointed if I don’t run a certain time, WOW.

This race is always the second Saturday of May, and is also boasts the largest 25k road race in the country, offers the only 25K Wheelchair racing division (as well as hand cycle) and the 25k Open Championships. In addition to the 25k distance there is a 25k relay, 10k, and 5k.

The race is really well executed, with frequent aid stations, porta-potties, and pacers. There is even a special club you get to be in, if you’re speedy enough to run a 25k in time less than 2 hours (Two Hour Club), where you get special positioning at the start line, you get a nice hospitality area, with snacks, and INDOOR BATHROOMS. So if that’s not motivation to be speedy, what is?!

You can do packet pickup the day before or the day of, both years I have done it the day of, because both years I left Lansing later in the evening, and going downtown just isn’t high on my to-do list. If you read the emails the race organizers send out, you will actually find there is fairly ample parking around the start (DeVos Place).

Devos place is a good place to meet up with friends, I will say the bathroom lines get pretty long

Also, if you’re resourceful you can find plenty of indoor areas nearby DeVos place to stay warm/warm up pre-race. Additionally the post race beer tent is very nice with a variety of beers, ciders, and non-alcoholic beverages for a post race libation. 😉

As I mentioned above this race is the second Saturday of May…in Michigan. The weather will always be a surprise, last year it was REALLY hot, and I was DEAD at the end. This year it was cool, but humid, and drizzling (but the rain did hold off).

I ran a solid time: 2:26:46, I treated this as a training run, and finished it off with some negative splits.

Again, the mindset of treating a race like a training run, has really helped me this spring with negative splits, because I go in with a lot less anxiety, and I’m able to better gauge how I’m feeling, then cut down on pace.

I was also fortunate enough to run the entire race with my friends. Also, I ran a 2:23:38 last year- “racing” the distance. So overall I chalked it up to really solid training run, where I got to practice with fueling, and mental preparation for a distance over 13.

I always think I’m smiling, and it’s almost always a grimace

Overall, I would recommend this race, it’s kind of pricey, but I think the cool points outweigh the price. You also get the option to pay an additional cost to upgrade to a Saucony tech shirt instead of just a cotton tee (which I did). Also, you can do this as part of the Triple Feat – which is both a coupon code, and event. The Triple Feat is: The River Bank Run, The Crim, and the Capital City River Run, if you sign up for all three events, you get a fourth “Triple Feat” Medal. So, naturally I’m also registered for the Crim and Cap City.

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