Not another “mommy” blog…

It also won’t be what yo may consider a typical “nutrition” blog either…but we will get to that.

Welcome friends & strangers.

Longtime followers may know me from HalfRD Half Human.

New followers may just assume I love snacks (safe assumption).  I am a Registered Dietitian, new mom, frequent snacker, and overall nerd.  Here is a very glamorous picture of me:

And by glamorous I mean: “a picture of me hiding in my bathroom, pumping, hoping I could finish with enough time to shower” So, NOT glamorous, but honest.

After a long hiatus from blogging I am back to blogging.

My reason for the hiatus: busy work life, and I was cooking a human.

My reason for returning: as I researched babies, baby products, pregnancy, postpartum care, and breastfeeding, I was both so overwhelmed and UNDERWHELMED by the information I found, and didn’t find  (I’ll go into more detail in future posts on what I didn’t find).

That is where the revival of this blog comes in – I want to continue to provide quality information, with a side of humor, in one place.  Even before becoming a mom (that is still so weird to say, by the way), I felt I was able to be very objective in the struggles of feeding a child/pressures of being a mom, and based on the feedback I received I did a good job of that.


When you are the sleep deprived mom, with a sore taint (or c-section incision), crying baby, frustrated partner you really see shit through a different lens, and you expect fast, concise, quality info (I hope the humor is a bonus).  I was infuriated by the amount of outdated nutrition info I found related to pregnancy and lactation, how difficult it was to find quality info by lactation consultants on social media, and with a lot of the info I found there seemed to be judgmental undertones (i.e. “well breast is best, but if you HAVE to bottle-feed that is ok too”).

Take that phrase, combine it with hormones, and anxiety and you’re looking at a fast way to feeling like a garbage human.

I will also use my experience as a Registered Dietitian to explore topics like intuitive eating, and body image.  I’m not “anti-diet” per se, but I am “anti-ignoring hunger cues-and -ignoring what is best for your long term health”.

I’m here to be real, even if it isn’t glamorous, I have already learned in such a short time that there are so many things that just don’t get talked about even by doctors.

So I am here to keep it real- and real funny (and real SNACKY).

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