Race Recaps, and Upcoming Races

This is just a quick recap of past races I have run, as I update this I realize the last race I ran was the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving 2019, which was also the day we told our parents I was pregnant.  Due to Covid-19 and in part being pregnant – I have not ran any races in 2020.


2019 Races

2019 Chicago Marathon 4 Hrs & 22 minutes, my best Chicago time, and 2nd best marathon time, also the MOST fun I’ve ever had running Chicago.  *Fun fact, I very newly pregnant, and did not know it.

Canal Run – new PR, 1:51:53, I loved this course, I’m always up for a UP run.

Bayshore Half Marathon – PR- I pr’d and didn’t realize it at the time, I didn’t figure it out until I later PR’d at Canal Run

Ice Age 50k – My first Ultra marathon!!! And on a trail!!!!! No lie, it felt amazing crossing this finish line.

Pinckney Trail Festival 26.2 – My first trail marathon, and first marathon with pretty bad GI issues.

Ann Arbor Marathon – I ended up dropping to the half due to some plantar fasciitis-like symptoms

The Super Wild Wings 5k New PR, and Luna was First overall Dog 22:37

2018 Races of Significance

Ragnar’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail (Bourbon Chase) – My first Ragnar event

Capital City River Run – 1/2 Marathon PR 1:52

The Crim – Another successful keg stand

Whitefish Point Marathon- Marathon PR 4:16 !!!!

Bayshore Half Marathon – Another solid training run to get ready for Whitefish

5/3rd Riverbank Run – Negative this training run

Shamrock Shuffle 8k

2017 Races of Significance

Lansing Turkey Trot – 5k PR

Chicago Marathon > I had a fun day – but GI issues led to cramping, and missing a pr, but a finished.

Capital City Half Marathon- half PR

The Crim – Had a blast in the 10 miler – and won my age group in the 5k.

Coast Guard 10 – 10k PR

5/3rd Riverbank Run – First time running a 25k, overall it was a great race, and I weirdly enjoyed the distance

Nashville Marathon > dropped to the half due to the heat, ran my worst half time in years, but I didn’t pass out.

Shamrock Shuffle 8k > PR, and finished in the Top 7% of my age group

Resolution 5k > Age Group Win 24:51

This was really unexpected since I ran it on New Year’s Day, as in, the day after New Years Eve, where I may have indulged in some unusual foods, and a few beverages.

Completed Races in 2016

Lansing Turkey Trot: Pat’s first 5k!!!

I think I may have had a bit more fun than he did, but he really did so well!

Silver Bells 5k >> current pb (24:00) 

The weather was not great, but I had put in a lot of speed work and tempo runs coming off of Chicago.  I set out to pr in this race, and did that.  In terms of running, it is a quick little tour of Lansing, and it is a pretty fast course.

Chicago Marathon >> marathon pr 4:40

Fourth time was the charm, it was the first time I ran a marathon and actually felt pretty comfortable with the distance, and I didn’t spend half the time doubting myself

Capital City River Run Half

I actually turned this into an 18 miler, doing 5 miles before the start of the race, despite that I still had a pretty good race.

Crim Festival of Races: 10 mile + 5k 

The heat and the hills don’t exactly make this a pr course, but it was still a really fun day, and you get to see a lot of Flint, and realize that Flint actually has a lot of really cool sights.

South Haven Blueberry 10k > Current 10k PR 53:46

For a normal person, this was not a day to pr, it was pouring rain that day, and I was soaked going into the race.

Ele’s Race 5k> pr at the time

This was like my summer of pr’s that should never have happened- the heat for this race, was awful, the humidity was > 90%, I also placed in my age group that day.

Hartford Strawberry Run 10k 

It was a super hot, gross day, I ended up placing in my age group, but was not impressed at all with my time.

Summer Fun & Run 5k

I placed in my age group, and at the time I ran my best 5k time, maybe 1 second faster, it was another gross day, it rained right before the race so the dew point/humidity was ridiculous

Glass City Marathon >> pr race 

This was the most frustrating/gratifying/defeating run ever, the most important part is that I finished under the circumstances that presented that day, and still ran a pr at that time.

Rock CF Half Marathon >> current 1/2 pr: 1:59

This was a fantastic day it was one of those days where the stars aligned: amazing course, solid training, and wonderful weather.

Mud Dog Half Marathon 

I mean the Snowman, Ice Cube, and Mud Dog all have the same course.  They all make great training runs, and serve as a good way to get out of the house in the dead of winter.

Ice Cube Half Marathon

Snowmans Half Marathon

Resolution 5k

It was the first race of 2016, and the wind, weather were terrible, but ultimately it was a great way to start my year.

Completed Races in 2015:

Lansing Turkey Trot 5k (November 2015) > pb race

My accidental pr.  I wanted to pr, but didn’t think I would be able to, but I did – but the skin of teeth I did.

Chicago Marathon (October 2015) 

This race experience was everything I wanted my first marathon to be.  I had fun, and I ran the entire thing.  I didn’t run the time I wanted, and not to make excuses but a lot of that was in part of starting so far back, I spent a great deal of time maneuvering around people who were walking throughout.  All of that being said I genuinely felt good about this effort.

B1G 10k (July 2015)

I had big dreams of pr’ing this race, and I didn’t.  The day of the race provided 100% humidity, and going out too fast.  I did end up doing both the 10k and 5k to log more miles for marathon training.

DeWitt Summer Fun 5k

I ran this the day after the Curwood half.  So my legs were beat.  I still ran a miraculous 25:53…only a few seconds off of my pr.  THE DAY AFTER I PR’D A HALF.  So that was pretty epic.  This was a cheap, fun race- I placed 2nd in my age group as well.

Curwood Festival Half Marathon June 2015 > pb: 2:02:43

Knowing that I could pr on Kalamazoo I was filled with confidence of “what could I do on a fast flat course?!”.  So I signed up for that, it was only $25, and I was just like “meh it was cheap, so I’m going to roll the dice and run this race like a bamf”.  There were some rolling hills between miles 5-8, so I wouldn’t quite agree with their description of “flat”, but it still was a fast course.

Soldier Field 10 Miler, May 2015 

The only reason I signed up for this race, is because I got an amazing deal after the marathon last year.  I’ve always wanted to do it, it was just “ok”, I’m not sure I’d do it again.  It’s such a big event and I felt it was worth the price I paid- and only that.  It was also a bad performance day for me as well.

Borgess Run for the Health of it Half Marathon (Kalamazoo)

I worked my ass off for this race.  I trained, I ran in disgusting weather, I braved the treadmill, I did speedwork, and even a few hill repeats.  I knew this would be a tough course, but I was ready, I really wanted to pr.  This is a great event, great price, great event and execution.  And at the time – this was my half pr at 2:11

Lakefront 10 Miler April 2015 > 10 miler pb: 1:33:44 (9:23) 

I mean there’s a reason I keep doing this race it’s fun it’s pretty, I’ve always gotten lucky with decent weather.  This year despite the beautiful sunshine – there were awful headwinds (15 mph) for the last 4 miles.  But otherwise another great CARA event.

Shamrock Shuffle 8k March 2015 > 8k pb: 42:44

It was a cold and very windy day in Chicago for this race.  Which was a bummer because this is another fast, flat course.  I was able to run with another girl from my run club together for the whole race, and we both wound up running under 45 (our goals) & braved the wind together.

Tog e’ go bo e’ 5k (March 2015)

This was a race morning from hell.  I went to bed the night before having left my glasses in Chicago.  Upon trying to put my contacts in the next morning my contact ripped.  This resulted in a domino effect of running around prior to the race.  It was also a cold day.  But I ran well for not having clocked a lot of miles: 26:12, I also placed first in my age group.

 Races in 2014 

Carrera de los Muertos, Pilsen/Chicago

This is such a fun race to do – it comes so close after marathon, that your legs are still really strong, and on top of that it is a fast, flat course.  It’s always a recipe for a pr.   It’s also a really fun race, and I love doing it.  This was a 5k pr at the time with 25:46

-Chicago Marathon (October 12th)

The marathon made me realize that sometimes your preparation is not always a reflection of your actual performance.  And vise versa.  I Had a terrible day.  By mile 21 I was so beat up mentally and physically – I hated everyone and everything from mile 21 thru 26.  It wasn’t until I rounded the corner from Roosevelt to Columbus I felt any kind of happy feels.  The day that the lottery for 2015 Chicago opened I signed up – and yes I got in.

-Ready to Run 20 Miler (September) 

This was a supported 20 mile training run supported by CARA – it was a really nice race and a really good mental prep for the marathon.  This was also my peak run so I felt really good when I was able to complete it with very minimal walking.  This had me feeling unstoppable going into the marathon.

-Chicago Women’s Half Marathon (August 31st)

I was super excited for this race, because it was the only race that boasts running down the Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue.   Again I was deep in Marathon training – so I ended up doing 17 miles this day.  This was the first time I ever had to deal with GI issues on a course.  It was extremely hot and I felt like garbage the entire time.  It wasn’t the race…it was me.

-ZOOMA Chicago Women’s Half (August 2nd)

I registered for this because I had a groupon for it.  I would not have done it should I have had to pay full price.  This was a fun race, I was heavy into marathon mileage at the time I did this, so I had ended up doing 16 miles that day.

-B1G 10K (July 26th)

My current 10k pb.  Which I plan on breaking this coming July (2015) at this very same event.  This is one of my favorite races, not just because I love MSU, but it’s well managed, and always a lot of fun to do.

-Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon (July 20th) 

This was a 2014 1/2 marathon pr for me.  It was a really hot day, I struggled a bit, and had to walk a little at the end.  But overall it was a really fun race

> Lakefront 10 Miler (PR Race) > 1:34 

This race is organized by CARA, it is well organized, a familiar and flat course, and my second time (of many of doing this race) – I will do it again in the future, this was a 10 miler pr.

>Shamrock Shuffle 8k > 45:57 

This was my first 8k distance, so it is my baseline.  Another well organized race by Bank of America – it is a little pricey, but you do pay for a well executed event, great post race party, and flat course.

> Lansing Chocolatier 5k (Lansing, MI)

Small, cheap, low key race.  The only thing that made me mad was that I specifically asked if there was snow/ice on the course, and I was told “no”, that information was not correct.  But as I said before: low key, and cheap.


> Carrera de los Muertos, Pilsen/Chicago

This race is cheap (by Chicago standards), especially if you sign up early.  It is a neighborhood race through Pilsen, and University Village.  It is well executed and there is a BOATLOAD of Mexican food available afterwards.  I will continue to do this annually, it is also favorite event of my run club, so it is extra fun because of so many familiar faces.  At the time I did this it was a pb for me at 27:52.

> Chicago Perfect 10 

Ugh.  No.  Just no.  The major flaw is I despise Navy Pier to begin with.  This race starts and ends there, which I could get past under normal circumstances, however what this boils down to is poor planning – as Navy Pier was under construction at the time I did the race.  The course was fine, the price was standard.  But there was also no traffic control at the end to keep tourists out of the way of runners, and vise versa.  I will not be doing a repeat performance here.  At the time I did this, this was a PR

>Chicago Monster Dash 

Second time doing this race.  This is a nostalgic race for me – it was the first 1/2 marathon I did (in 2012).  It’s an averaged price half by Chicago standards – cheaper if you sign up way in advance.  It’s a flat course, on the trail, good support, I will keep doing this one.  At the time I did this, it was a PR of 2:20:45

> 17th Annual Chicago 1/2 Marathon 

This is a good race, flat course, good support, you get to run on LSD (Lakeshore Drive), this race was not my best performance because my IT band completely seized up around mile 11.  So I have a vendetta for this race in 2014.  I was due to PR until that happened.  It is a good race though.

>Biggest Loser 15k (PR) 1:37:54

I did this race because a big group of people from work signed up.  Flat course, fair course support (glad I had a handheld with me), lots “celeb” appearances from Biggest Loser.  This was a PR for me for the 15 k distance.  This race was just kind of “meh” like there was nothing really spectacular about it, but nothing really “wrong” with it either.

>BTN Big 10K (PR) 1:02:47

This is a fun race.  It’s a little pricey for a 10k, but hey – I’m a Spartan, so I was ready to wear that green and white shirt for 6.2 miles.  This is a fun race, a flat course, good on course support, great post race party.  I am tentatively doing this race in 2014.

>Color Run

It’s overpriced and overrated.  If you want to run for a time – this race is not for you.  If you’re new to running, and want to try a race that promotes both running and walking – this race might be for you

>Chicago All-State 13.1 Half Marathon

Free shuttle was provided to and from the start and finish (which was on the south side of Chicago), really good crowd and on course support, a nice flat course, and a good post race party.  This was a PR for me, until Monster Dash.

>Cinco de Miler 

Over-priced, but fun.  Fun, flat course, good post race party.  Kind of like the Biggest Loser – nothing amazing about this race, nothing really wrong with it.  If you’re looking for a 5 miler in May – this would be a good pick.

>Lakefront 10 Miler

This was my first time doing this race – as I said above I clearly enjoyed it.

2013 Michigan Winter Warrior Series 

Cheap, low key races (they are a series, in 2013 I did two one in Feb, and 1 in March), very little on course crowd support – as you’re running on back roads, but it is a cheap way to clock mileage in a race if need be.

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